About Us

Everyday we have a change of mood that we want to present to the world!
We create our own runway as soon as we wake up and jump out of the bed.
Our hair is the most ideal fashion because it lets us know who we are, how we look and view ourselves.
Confidence is the beauty and the delivery is what we believe ourselves to be. Creating our own inner and outer beauty is Rocking Your Halo! 
Rocking A Different Material starts with a stylish attire name brand or unbranded.
Queen and Kings your hairstyle and wardrobe is your trademark and if the strength of what you represent doesn’t begin in your mind, then it won’t fit with the rest of your wardrobe.
I hope to reach many people from all backgrounds. A Different Material defines texture, color, shape, sizes, culture and more. The meaning I planted behind this idea is to form a confident interest of your image.
Your image can bring out a different level of confidence that helps you identify your authentic self which makes you cut out from different material so I say today, "Walk in your Beauty".