"My Experience as a Young Entrepreneur"

When I first had the idea of creating a website, I was like "where do I start!" I began to do my research to find the best website builder. I chose Shopify because I read great reviews. Once I launched my website and made it live I had high hopes. It took me 3/1/2 months of putting long hours into making the best website that is a reflection of me and each new customer!

Starting a new website isn't easy especially if your a beginner. I had in mind that once I make Rocking My Halo live, people were going to immediately click on my social media links, like my products, share them and purchase from me. Although that isn't the case, I realize that success doesn't happen overnight yet alone in 2-3 weeks. It can become discouraging to see a daily sales report with no sales.

This journey will not be easy, but I will continue to research and find my niche and the right audience, because this has driven me to want more. Each customer means a lot to me! I don't want to only market my brand, I want to impact people in a great way as well. If I can do it you can too! Lately I have spent over $200 in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, stories and posts only to experience 6 link clicks lol, but it's a start!

My motto today and forever is to never give up because quitters never win!!


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