"My Journey"

Dear Khrystyn & Customers,
Welcome to My New Launch of Rocking A Different Material!!!!!

The enlightenment that you share with your family, friends, coworkers, and significant others is part of who you are today. It’s the hard work you put into yourself with the opportunity to see YOU win and overcome your fears! My Halo became my direction, my path, and my means of transportation. My blogs drive me and motivate me to be REAL not only with myself but to you TOO!

Beloved, your not mediocre, your dynamite in every way possible. Forget about following others. Create in you a bright light that no one can dim or blow out. Keep running that marathon until you meet the finish line. Figure out your sustenance, your level of security because your experiences are what brought you here today whether good or bad.

Do what makes you feel good and what makes you smile. Love your maker first, then yourself and whoever comes 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th the list goes on. Don’t give your love out to just anybody because your love doesn’t have a price tag on it. You're dignified, worthy, amazing and successful. So if you ask me again what is Rocking A Different Material it is whatever you want it to be just don’t make it about nothing.

P.S. This is Dedication to all of my supporters, I love you dearly!

Written By: Khrystyn Ford on 7/8/19
Rock A Different Material!!!!!

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